A little less than 4 days to go until the Colony Hackathon kicks off on June 5th!

We’re really excited by the great ideas already being bandied about on Gitter, and the projects taking form on Github.

Got an idea but have not yet created a Github issue? Do it now! You can always iterate on the idea and posting your project is not only a great way to generate engagement and find teammates, but you’ll also get access to Colony “Office Hours” to request one-on-one hangouts with Jack if you want to talk about your project concept and Colony’s tools in general, or Chris or James if you want to get into implementation/dev talk! More details on this coming very soon…

FAQ this week

It seems like I need to know about Colony already to participate. Is that true?

Quite the opposite! The purpose of the hackathon is to get folks acquainted with Colony, so that more can join the building process! The best approach if you want to join is to think about the ideas that most interest you, and read through some of our documentation to see how you might use the basic tools to create those ideas; you can refine from there.

I have a few skills but no good ideas. Can I participate?

Yep! Several people have joined our Gitter chat to ask about possible collaboration and find new teammates. We’ll do our best to help you find a place, but it’s also up to you to connect. Use the github issues to talk about specific project ideas and to look for potential teammates. (And check out some projects looking for teammates below.)

How will this work if I only have a little bit of free time?

Global, remote hackathons are tough. That’s why this one runs from June 5th to June 24th — we know you’ve got plenty to do IRL. If working on your own project is too much, there are plenty of projects out there looking for additional contributors. Find one that excites you and pitch in where you can!

Project Spotlight

Issue#33 (eduColony) wants to use Colony as a means of incentivizing education, where completion of courses can result in a payout for students.

Issue#28 is creating an interface and workflow for a colony that focuses on outsourced software development. Fund a task for a quote, spec out the job, and submit it to a decentralized development firm.

Issue#35 is a blockchain game centered around a futuristic basketball league. Colony will be used to manage teams and ownership of ERC-721 tokens for drafts, trades, and game simulations.

These are just a few samples of some cool projects people are dreaming up. You can view other great project ideas on GitHub!

Colony makes it easy for people all over the world to build organisations together, online.

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