New kits for building with Colony, new hackathon, and a new look…all @ ETHBerlin

We’re rolling deep at ETHBerlin (Sept 7–9) with Colony team members coming in from Thailand, Singapore, Romania, Poland, Spain, UK, and USA!

With over 1,000 folks registered, it’s looking like ETHBerlin will be the largest hackathon the city has ever seen, appropriately located in the innovation hubs of Factory Berlin — next to Görlitzer Park and in the Mitte of everything — site of the former Berlin Wall.

As you may have noticed, we’ve torn down the old wallpaper and done some remodeling ourselves. If you’re in the Berlin area, come celebrate our brand refresh with the interactive art mural at the Görlitzer. We’ve got some fun surprises planned for the mural and more to share on the new Colony look next week!

It’s a privilege to support initiatives like ETHBerlin and we’ve got lots planned to support and encourage the smart, enthusiastic old+new minds in our community.

Where (and why) to find us…

September 7 @ Factory Mitte

Before the hackathon begins, a conference for a decentralized future with speaking slots chosen from 76 submitted abstracts is sure to get everyone in the right mindset with ideen brauen.

Colony talks:

On-Chain Governance: Aron Fischer, Colony Research & Jorge Izquierdo, Aragon CTO — The Factory Mitte @ 12.45

To Token, Or Not to Token?: Jack du Rose (JdR), Colony Co-founder & Christina Frankopan—The Factory Mitte @ 17.20

Insider tip: Take a selfie with JdR @jackdurose — there are tokens in it for ya and he’ll be easy to catch at the Mitte.

September 8–9, The Hackathon @ Factory Gorlitzer

If you’re one of the 500+ hackers, we are here to support you! Come say hi and find us at our booth on the second floor. And definitely, don’t miss participating in a collaborative mural art piece with us in the courtyard right by registration.

Want a head start?

In preparation for the ETHBerlin hackathon, we’ve expanded and improved our hackathonStarter kit, which is now reinkarniert as the colonyStarter — it’ll make it even easier for you to start buidling.

Need help with solidity or UX of your dApp?

There are mentors everywhere. Most of the Colony team members are available all weekend and want human interaction — don’t worry, we’ll probably come up and say hi first.

Need a break?

Lastly, a big big thank you to all the work that has gone into this much anticipated kickass event. Big special thanks to Maria Paula @mptherealmvp, Daniel @DanielSchuHi, Helena @helsfoftroy, Simon @smleicht, Simona @Sim_Pop and many others for their key roles in supporting aspiring dApp developers.

Colony makes it easy for people all over the world to build organisations together, online.

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