As stated in the token supply blog post, for reasons of security, we are transferring the Metacolony’s treasury to a Metacolony Gnosis Safe multisig.

The reasons of security are that Jack du Rose and Alex Rea currently hold all permissions in the Metacolony. It would therefore require only one of these private keys to be compromised to access the entire treasury, which is obviously not appropriate. Until the Colony Dapp supports Gnosis Safe control of permissions, we will keep the bulk of the Metacolony's Treasury in this Safe.

The multisig is here.

The initial signatories are:

  • Alex Rea (Colony)
  • Aron Fischer (Colony)
  • Auryn Macmillan (Gnosis)
  • Jack du Rose (Colony)
  • Raul Glogovetan (Colony)
  • Tracheopteryx (Yearn & Coordinape)

The multisig requires 3 of 6 signatures to make a transaction.