In early 2021 we soft launched Colony v2 and started onboarding real live humans. 😱

The launch spec of Colony v2 is however, pretty bare bones. It’s enough for a small subset of users interested in Colony, but most need the more advanced functionality rolling out over the coming months.

So, lean in, because right here, right now I’m going to give you the skinny on all the good stuff to come.

Token Activation βœ…
Allows users to deposit tokens to a locking contract so that they may be either staked on Motions, or locked in place for accurate counting for the token voting and reward distribution features that will follow later in the year.

Motions & Disputes (Reputation) βœ…
Colony's first governance module lets colonies use "Lazy consensus" to do decentralized governance without voting. It works as follows:

Someone "Motions" that something should happen by staking on their suggestion, e.g. "Pay Alice 100 xDai". As long as nobody objects, after a security delay, Alice will get paid. Only if someone stakes in object is it necessary to vote (and if you do, the experience is pretty slick).

πŸ”œ Gasless on xDai
No more adding the xDai RPC to Metamask. No more getting xDai to pay gas. We're integrating Metatransactions so end users don't have to pay gas fees. You simply rock up to Colony with your Metamask set to mainnet, and use Colony on xDai without paying gas. Smooth.

Coin Machine + KYC + Address Whitelisting βœ…
Issue your token via Coin Machine, our token sale mechanism. Via an integration with Synaps, token purchasers who pass KYC will be able to whitelist their account to participate in a Coin Machine sale.

User profile popover βœ…
Better detail on the skills and magic held by the coloneer you're lookin' at.

πŸ”œ Smite
Lay the smackdown on the reputation of coloneers who use their powers irresponsibly.

πŸ”œ Gnosis Safe support
Use your multisig to control a Colony's most critical permissions. Multisig+Reputation weighted governance = 🀩.

Arbitrary transactions
Choose a contact, input an ABI, select the functions, set the variables, and hey presto, you got yourself a transaction. Need more than one? No problem! Colony lets you add as many transactions as you need in a sequence, and get them all approved. As long as the colony doesn't object, you'll be free to go and create the transactions on the colony's behalf.

Cross-chain execution
Do your governance on fast, cheap L2, and then reach across to Ethereum mainnet and pay the bonkers gas costs only when absolutely necessary.

Advanced Expenditures
Construct complex expenditures via UI: arbitrary recipients, tokens, amounts, and claim delays. E.g. two recipients, each receiving CLNY + xDai in differing amounts.

Finances Dashboard
A transparency portal for your organisation, aggregating all the financial information your members, tokenholders, and community need to know.

Insight into the total value of your organization's assets, broken down by asset type, and where they are located within the colony.

Every transaction in and out of your colony. Filter by Team, Token, Date, and more.

Token Supplier
Control the supply of your colony’s token. We’re really imaginative with names.

An incentive mechanism that allows a colony to allocate part of its funds for distribution to its members proportional to their combined reputation and token holdings.

So, for example, a colony could make all payments to its members in its native token, and direct 30% of its revenue to its Rewards pot, allowing members to claim a fair share of the colony's income every month.

Bounties done right.

A Task has three roles:

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό Manager: the person responsible for overseeing the delivery of the work
πŸ’ͺ Worker: the person who doing the work
🧐 Evaluator: the person responsible for Quality Assurance

Payments, ratings, and reputation for everyone based on how well they did their part in the Task in the eyes of the others.

Nested Teams
Right now, Colony just has a single layer of teams possible under the Root team. With this feature, it will be possible to nest teams inside of teams to create more elaborate org structures. e.g.:

Motions & Disputes (Token)
Just like the Reputation flavoured Motions & Disputes, except based on how wealthy you are instead. 😏

But seriously though, sometimes token holdings are a good basis for decision making, and this is the tool for that job.

Motions & Disputes (Hybrid)
Just like the Reputation and Token flavoured variants of Motions & Disputes except smooshed together into a surprisingly good combination like... bacon in a milkshake.

This is for when you need both the capital and labour classes of stakeholders to have a shared say in a decision: e.g. "Mint 1,000,000 tokens"

Governance Policy
Allows colonies to set the default governance mechanism for decisions requiring particular permission types, with an exceptions list.

e.g. all functions requiring Root permission will require Hybrid voting, everything else will require Reputation voting, except CreateTeam and Payment which requires a Hybrid vote, and EditColonyDetails which requires Token voting.

Extension manager v2
The current version of the extension manager requires extensions to be enabled in the entire colony, but with v2 it will be possible to selectively enable extensions in specific teams (and their children).

Batch payments
Upload a CSV of recipients, tokens, and values, and blast the payments out with a single transaction.

Split Payments
A simple way to divide a pot of funds between a group of recipients.

Staged payments
Fund a payment up front, and release it in tranches according to agreed conditions.

Recurring or streaming payments/salaries
Set and forget salaries. Agree a rate of pay up front, and then have them flow into a salary pot to be claimed at the recipient's leisure.

Death to the server
Right now, the Colony app still uses a server for comments, profiles, and subscriptions. Everything else is decentralised. Once we've shipped more of the high priority features, we'll turn our attention back to finishing up the task of decentralising these last bits.

Funding Queues
Fund proposals in order of collective preference. Think of it like a subreddit with for allocating capital. The more reputation has upvoted a proposal, the faster it will be funded.

Personal Dashboard
All the things in your colony that matter to you, aggregated in a single screen.

Scalar voting
To begin with we just have pass/fail voting. With scalar voting, it will be possible to aggregate the collective intelligence of the colony to decide on a value for a variable.

Approval voting
A really nice and simple way to find the collective preference among a bunch of options. Everyone selects all the options they approve of (weighted by reputation), maths happens, and SHAZAM, you have a winner.

Notifications (e.g. with EPNS)
Notifications are currently a fairly anaemic feature in the app, and cannot reach out to notify you of activity on desktop, mobile, or email. This is a really useful feature, especially for time critical contexts like governance. We wants it.

Better user profiles
Our current user profiles are a relic of a bygone age. We want to radically improve them, so that your Colony profile becomes a provably veridical record of your work history, activity, and behaviour in Colony.

Fee Auctions
To begin with Colony collects only the tiniest of fees, but in the future, we expect the Metacolony to decide the set Network fees at some level. At that point, it will be necessary to have an interface via which users may acquire tokens the Colony Network has collected as fees by burning CLNY.

Budget Box
A structured curation mechanism for autonomously allocating recurring funding over an unbounded number of recipients on an ongoing basis. Read more about it here.

...and lots more, but let's not ruin all the surprises πŸ˜‰.

Colony makes it easy for people all over the world to build organisations together, online.

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