As Jack mentioned in his article on Colony’s vision for perpetual developer incentives, the hackathon we held this summer was just a taster of what we hope will be a continuous model of community development.

Hackathons are just a heck of a lot of fun, too. So we’re going to keep doing them, and we hope you’ll join us!

As of right meow, Colony is going to be a sponsor of not one, but two amazing events happening over the next 2 months:

Blockternship, GO!

In partnership with’s Social Coding community, Colony will be providing support and mentor-ship for the Social Coding Blockternship, a distributed hackathon focused on fostering a supportive and engaging educational event for aspiring dApp developers.

Colony is predicated on the idea that more can be accomplished through collective collaboration than isolation, so we’re thrilled to be joining forces with Aragon, Chainshot, Giveth, Status, and Swarm City to help the next generation of smart contract and dApp developers level up and get their hands dirty building Web 3.0.

We think that many of the projects might benefit from our developer tools such as colonyJS, as well as the colonyNetwork framework for task management and reputation. Colony will be on-hand during the event to help teams work with our tools, providing technical support, general mentorship, and sweet, sweet words of encouragement for project teams :)

It’s not too late to submit an application to participate! If you’re interested in joining the blockternship, here’s the quick-start instructions:

#1 Head to and take a peek at the “take-off” repo for all the details, then when you’re ready to start your own project head to the “projects” repo and submit and issue before August 7.
#2 Choose a sponsoring organization to build with. The wealth of information held by the sponsoring organizations is immeasurable and our desire is for you or your team to connect with one of these sponsoring teams.
#3 Start asking questions, think of something cool 😎 you want to build, then jump into our Social Coding Riot channel and see who you can connect with!

You can read more about the Blockternship Hackathon and how to sign up by heading over to the GitHub and diving in!

This Colony hacks… at ETHBerlin

We’re *of course* sold on the idea of distributed and remote work, but sometimes nothing can replace a good ol’ fashioned meatspace hackathon.

Colony will be at ETHBerlin in full force this September, and we’ll be hacking alongside all participants at the ‘thon as mentors, and then relaxing with y’all after an intense 3 days of hacking at the after party.

If you’re interested in applying to be a hackathon participant in ETHBerlin, there is also still time to sign up! Head over to the registration page and fill out that form; there is limited space so act quickly! The deadline for this one is also August 7th.

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