Over the next 20 days, we’re looking for creative, brilliant minds (hey, that’s you!) to build on, integrate, and extend Colony using the colonyJS library. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Submit your project by 11:59 pm GMT on Sunday, June 24th for a chance to win prizes totalling $25,000 paid in DAI via Gitcoin. We’ve got 16 awesome judges looking to award 16 prizes!

Join the Hackathon (Go! do it now!)

Make sure you sign up so we can communicate updates, rules, and helpful tips during the hackathon. Part of your registration includes creating a Github issue with your project idea — don’t worry, we can also help you find teammates or brainstorm ideas on Gitter.

Our panel of judges will be evaluating projects equally on functionality, creativity, design, and difficulty. There are no strict rules on what you should build, or how to go about building — some projects will be plugins or integrations for colony, others might be demonstrations of a real-world colony use-case. Your potential for collaborative innovation is unbounded.

Spread the Word

The hackathon is a unique opportunity for folks to cut their teeth in dApp development. The blockchain space needs more talent and this is a great way to get involved! If someone you know needs a little encouragement, you can point them to our latest blog Dive into dApps: A Crash Course.

Share the TL;DR on your favorite social channel or community:

The Colony Global hackathon starts today! Sign up at colony.io/hackathon#Buidl #hackathon
- $25k in prizes, paid in Dai
- A panel of 16 awesome judges
- Fully supported first-access to Colony’s new tools
- Runs from June 5–24

Please kindly spread the word — and help us build the future of work together!

— The Colony Team