The wCLNY airdrop will happen within the next 24h. You do not need to do anything, it will just arrive in your wallet. However, if you have not done so already, please add wCLNY to your Metamask by going to the Metacolony, clicking wCLNY on the right-hand side, and clicking “Add to Metamask”.

Some additional details on how it will play out.

  1. Proportional airdrop: 500K wCLNY will be proportionally shared between all existing wCLNY holders.
  2. Per Account airdrop: 500K wCLNY will be equally shared between all existing wCLNY holders up to a maximum of the number of wCLNY already held by that account.

You’ll note there is here an additional qualification to the “per account” airdrop. We noticed on inspecting the full list of wCLNY holders, a significant number of accounts holding trivial amounts of wCLNY that we surmise is mainly due to people trying to game the airdrop.

Therefore we have taken the decision to limit the per account airdrop to be equal to the amount of wCLNY already held by the account as we felt it was not fair for some people to receive many hundreds, or even thousands of multiples of the amount they had purchased, at the expense of the majority of others who had participated in good faith.

To calculate the amount due to each account, we calculated the point at which it is no longer possible to double an account’s holdings and have all larger accounts receive a larger airdrop. Above this threshold, everyone shares the pot equally. Please see this Google Sheet if you wish to check the workings.

So 76,836.753 is shared between the smallest 514 accounts rather than 171,791 they would otherwise have shared. That means:

  • If you have ≤ 430 wCLNY, you will receive the same amount again in the airdrop;
  • If you have >430 wCLNY, then you will receive 431.36 wCLNY.

If you are one of the people who purchased 0.01 wCLNY, you will receive another 0.01 wCLNY in the airdrop! Enjoy! Don’t spend it all at once! 😆

If you do not believe it is fair that you only got your wCLNY holdings doubled for nothing please see here for our official statement.