DAO incorporation refers to the process which a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) gains legal entity status within a specific jurisdiction. This is a significant step for DAOs, which traditionally operate in a decentralized and autonomous manner without central authority or formal legal recognition. Incorporating a DAO can provide it with legal rights and responsibilities, such as entering contracts, owning property, and being sued or suing in its name, similar to traditional corporations.

The challenge of incorporating a DAO comes from aligning the decentralized and often anonymous nature of DAOs with regulatory and legal frameworks established for corporations and other legal entities. Legal recognition is crucial for DAOs as it not only legitimizes their operations but also provides a clearer framework for governance, taxation, and interaction with the traditional financial and legal systems. Incorporation can help DAOs navigate legal uncertainties, but it also requires them to meet specific regulatory compliance standards.

Some jurisdictions have begun adapting their laws to accommodate the unique structure of DAOs, recognizing them as a new form of legal entity.

These include:

Cayman Islands
Liechtenstein Private Trust Company
Marshall Islands DAO LLC
Panama Foundation
Switzerland Foundation
Tennessee Decentralized Organization LLC
Utah Limited Liability DAOs (LLDs) (Utah DAO Act)
Vermont Blockchain Based Limited Liability Company

It is important for DAO builders to do their own research before deciding on the incorporation model that is right for their DAO.

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