To all who participated in the 2018 Colony Hackathon, we salute you o7 !

The Judges and the Colony team were thoroughly impressed with the quality and breadth of submissions we received. There were beautiful front ends, useful network tools, and ambitious use cases that we never could have predicted. We’d love to see every project idea refined and improved upon in the coming weeks and months.

We were particularly happy about the number of submissions that focused on promoting novel solutions in the context of community development and social impact. This kind of collaborative innovation is part of the broad promise of Ethereum to solve some real problems in the world, and we are honored to have helped foster efforts toward those ends!

But enough phaff, let’s get to the winners…

Winning team members will be contacted based on the information provided in their submission, and prizes will be distributed in DAI via Gitcoin!

1st Prize ($10,000): Autonomous

Autonomous is a project that enables developers to bootstrap Kubernetes deployments, and keep track of successful upgrades using Colony tasks and reputation, allowing dApp deployments to be under the control of decentralized communities.

2nd Prize ($5,000): researchColony

The researchColony aims to bring together the symptoms of unseen diseases with scientists, researchers, doctors, and the general public to find out more and reward them for their work in discovering more about the condition.

3rd Prize ($2,000): Colony Task Importer

The Colony Task Importer is a platform to integrate Colony with project management tools like GitHub, Jira, and Trello. It allows a team to assign workers and evaluators for tasks, evaluate and submit work, and help all users to claim payouts.

Runners Up ($1,000):

Competitive Programmers Collective

Awards and honorable mentions ($500):

Travay < Social Impact award
Transition Colonies < “Most helpful in the gitter” award
Colony Explorer < “Meta Colony” award
Learning Blocks Colony < Educational award
Decentralized Data Science Colony < Novel use-case award
The Augmented Basketball Association < “Colony we’d most like to join”
Decentralised Issue Reporting < Creativity honorable mention
Ongaku Mura (music village) < Best process of discovery
Chain Reaction < Ambition honorable mention
Chores on the Blockchain < Functionality honorable mention

You can read more about each project by heading over to their PRs in Github!

The Colony team would like give a special shout-out to our partners for making this Hackathon successful:

MakerDAO, for providing a price-stable cryptocurrency which could be used to issue prizes.

Gitcoin, for a being platform that enables the open-source ecosystem to grow and flourish with bounties.

Blockgeeks, for providing educational content and support for aspiring developers who want to build cool things for the decentralized web.

Colony makes it easy for people all over the world to build organisations together, online.

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