Recently, Colony co-founder Jack du Rose did an "Ask me anything" session with with Balancer Protocol.

Balancer is a is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) protocol managing over $1.44b in total liquidity. The DeFi protocol hosts nearly 7,000 total pools with over 244,000 liquidity providers. They facilitate nearly 84 millions swaps per day.

The protocol has wide applications for Web3 applications. Today Balancer has over 50 integrations with dapps, DAOs, exchanges and finance protocols. Tools built with Balancer and integrating with the protocol span the range of decentralized finance, from managing yield farming, tokenomics, vesting, ICOs and more.

In the conversation, Jack speaks about the problems and dilemmas DAOs face, what Colony offers DAOs, the Future of DAOs in 5 years and lessons from the $CLNY token launch.

Listen to their conversation right here 👇

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