For the last two years, Colony has been quietly building the future of Internet Native Organisations. We haven’t talked about it because we’re here to ship product, not hype good intentions. We speak when there’s something to say.

Since 2014, Colony has had an ambitious vision: to make it easy for people all over the world to build organisation together, online. Our whitepaper was universally lauded. Our application however, despite finding committed users in companies like Telefonica and Shapeshift, didn’t live up to our expectations.

There were two main issues:


Our dapp was fully decentralised. That’s a big deal. People don’t build dapps like that. We built it that way to ensure that Colony was guaranteed to always be available to our users, forever.

However, that relies on Web3 services that struggle with an application of Colony's complexity. Colony smashes into the limits of this infrastructure, resulting in a slow and unreliable user experience. It also makes the application difficult to build.

That’s not acceptable. So, we devised a new hybrid architecture. This provides a fast and stable technical foundation for Colony. It also makes the dapp quicker and easier to build going forwards. At the same time, a feature limited but fully decentralised option remains as a security backstop.


Our dapp’s UX & UI were hangovers from an earlier time. With Colony V2 we tried to save time by reusing this earlier work, but the decision caught up with us. It repeatedly forced us into design compromises that made an intuitive UX impossible as the application scaled. With V3 we took the decision to start again, and have built something completely new based on everything we've learned.

We’ve already soft launched Colony V3 into private beta. The feedback so far is excellent:

"I'm loving the new App. I love these new tags on contributors. My team really likes how you can clearly see how much Governance Power (RP) someone has and the rate at which their own RP decays..It really centralizes all of our onchain activity in a decentralized way." Deed3Labs
"The new app is great - it so easy to get in and get started. A big win for us is the ability to focus on teams. The reputation points are transparent and shown by teams, which allows the organisation to function with semi-autonomous power." Robo51

Here’s a sneak peek:

We’re interested in speaking to, and/or onboarding teams who:

  • Have a core team focused on delivering product.
  • Are building or operating a protocol or application on Ethereum, Gnosis Chain, or other EVM chains.
  • Want to decentralise their operations eventually, but are sceptical of DAOs as they understand them.

If that sounds like you, please reach out to the team on Discord, or submit your details at the link below.

This is the end of our silence. Big things are coming in 2024.

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