We’re thrilled to be attending ETHDenver this year, in the mile high city. Come talk to us about the future of work and DAOs, get help from us on integrating programmable incentives to your project, or just say hai!

Colony Dev Tools

You can utilize Colony right now on our new Rinkeby deployment, fresh for ETHDenver, in a few ways:

colonyJScolonyJS is a library to help developers build with Colony. Using the colonyJS library, you can build applications and services that query and interact with the colonyNetwork smart contracts through a simple and standard JavaScript interface.

colonyStarterBuilt specifically for getting up-and-building quickly, the colonyStarter kit contains code examples and a quick, easy starting script to get your project going with colonyJS and Rinkeby. It's even got a react-starter package for easy integrations with react-based front-ends!

colonyNetworkIf you prefer to hang out inside the EVM, you can use Colony's interface contract to interact with the network from another smart contract. Secure transactions, close to the metal. Nice.

If you have any questions or need help setting these up, post to the Developer forum, hit us up @joincolony on twitter, or find us in person!

This Colony Hacks

We had so much fun at the ETHBerlin hackathon that this time, we’ll be attending as good ol’ fashioned hackers.

Normally, it’s us going out and showing you our developer tools and explaining potential integrations you could #buidl with colony.

At ETHDenver, team members Griffin, Ryan, Scott, and Pat are attending with a mission that's really the reverse of what it’s been at other recent Ethereum hackathons and gatherings.

Sometimes, to move forward, you gotta take a step back (and #BUIDL)
We are looking for hackathon projects to join, or to form a team with you!

We’re here to learn about your project, and more specifically, to hack on projects we think might play nice with the Colony.

So, if you’ve got something cool you want to share with us, hit us up individually on twitter, @joincolony -- or just look around for the folks with all the coolest laptop stickers.

Here's who we are and what we're keen to hack on:

Griffin (@gichiba) – NFTs, social impact, conservation

Ryan (@ryanechristo) – Javascript, social impact, integrations

Pat (@tagpatch) – Design/UX, user on-boarding

Scott (@sprusr) – Javascript, e-scooters, command line tools