Starting with Arbitrum this April, Colony will roll out across EVM chains. 

For technical reasons, Colony has been exclusive to Gnosis Chain. Finally, we have resolved those technical challenges, and are excited to deploy across all compatible chains with sufficient demand for Colony’s collaborative finance tools for teams, projects, and organizations.

Why Arbitrum?

  • Liquidity: Ample exchange options and deep liquidity.
  • Bridging: Many options for making transactions between Arbitrum and other chains. 
  • Ecosystem: A broad range of protocols and services are live on Arbitrum.
  • Low fees: Since Ethereum’s Dencun fork, gas costs on Arbitrum are among the lowest.

Does This Affect Current Colony Users?

Unfortunately, yes. 

As we go multi-chain, Colony’s Reputation mining service must compute Reputation updates for users across all chains. The infrastructure required to bridge these Reputation updates to Gnosis Chain doesn’t exist. Consequently, we cannot currently support Gnosis Chain within our multi-chain deployment.

Existing colonies on Gnosis Chain will continue to be supported via Colony’s v2 UI until December 31st 2024. After that, both the UI and Reputation mining will be deprecated on Gnosis Chain. Users may still interact with their colonies via the contracts directly. 

What Should I Do Next?

No immediate action is required.

While it’s impossible to migrate colonies from Gnosis Chain to Arbitrum directly, in the coming weeks, we'll share a detailed Transition Guide, offering a step-by-step process on how to recreate your colony on Arbitrum.

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