We are excited to introduce Advanced Payments; a powerful upgrade to Colony’s payment capabilities.

Advanced Payments simplifies and streamlines your organisation’s payments by enabling you to execute many payments in a single action.

With Advanced Payments, you can:

  • Easily make bulk payments to a few, tens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients by uploading a CSV file.
  • Add and edit multiple recipients and tokens via the intuitive UI.
  • Schedule payments to arrive at different times.
  • Choose to pay recipients from either the organisation’s general treasury or a specific team’s funds.

Advanced Payments in Action

Marcos manages payroll for his team using USDC and also makes monthly allocations in their native token, NAUT.

He needs to pay the four contributors in the Software Development team.

Previously, this required eight individual transactions each month. Now, with Advanced Payments, Marcos can simply upload a CSV file with all the payment details and complete the process in one go.

How to Use Advanced Payments: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making a payment to multiple recipients in multiple tokens takes less than a minute. Just follow these easy steps:


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