Laying the groundwork for an explosive 2023

Read on to find insights from this quarter, leading up to Colony’s most impactful era yet

Can't stop (won't stop) building

A tumultuous industry landscape saw a wild ride for crypto this year. Despite the bear market blues and crazy news, Colony has continued development without skipping a beat.

After all, this isn’t Colony’s first ride on the market merry-go-round. Since time immemorial (2014), we’ve kept our eyes on the prize throughout some historic crashes. The mission of supporting more equitable, transparent, and efficient organizations is as relevant today as it ever was, regardless of market conditions.

Coin Machine: taking off soon

Coin Machine—the Colony system for easy and fair token launches—is set to launch early next year. Once live, Coin Machine will address the all-too common challenges of price manipulation, volatility, and front-running, while simplifying the process for all involved. Unlike traditional liquidity bootstrapping pools, Coin Machine will not require projects to provide stablecoins as collateral, removing one of the key barriers to entry for permissionless token launches.

Interested in running one of the first token sales on Coin Machine? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.

Welcome to DAO Club

The Colony DAO Club concluded its maiden voyage in Q3, connecting DAO builders from all over the world with each other to share project ideas and learn the best practices of DAO building. The freshly-launched second cohort has brought on another wave of fascinating orgs, spanning a wide range of project goals and visions, yet united in the commitment to more equitable ways of working. Applications for Cohort 3 open in Q1 2023!

Want to witness the colony-building journey in action? You can hear from a community member launching a colony from scratch and sharing lessons learned along the way in the first season of Builder’s Spotlight, featuring PictureBookDAO. The second season, featuring ELI5 DAO, is also one you don't want to miss!

DAO Jones also launched in Q3, with several established projects joining the program to explore decentralizing and optimizing their governance. Moving into next year, the parameters around this program will be finessed based on feedback from the initial cohort, paving the way for the next generation of online organizations.

New video: Colony Key Features

Looking for an overview of some of the most powerful Colony features? This five-minute video will get you started in the right direction:

Metacolony blast-off

One primary objective of Q3 was to get the Metacolony off the ground. The Metacolony is the “Colony colony”—the DAO that supports the development and growth of the Colony protocol. This launch was achieved, and Metacolony contributors now use the dapp to create expenditures and decide on governance decisions.

Building Colony with Colony—how cool is that?

New Colony App features and upgrades

This quarter will see the release of a totally new backend to the Colony App, providing major performance and usability improvements. The new architecture will also make building Colony much easier, laying the groundwork for a slew of new features that you can expect to roll out thick and fast over 2023. In addition, an improved UI/UX and onboarding experience will make it easier than ever to go from zero-to-DAO.

The new Simple Decisions feature was recently rolled out, making it easy for contributors to put forward “yes” or “no” proposals which don’t need to be executed automatically. That means you can use Simple Decisions to decide on choices such as:

  • Should our colony’s mascot be a pharaoh ant?
  • Should we let Jane run the Twitter account?
  • Should we elect Jimmy as our ambassador to ETH Denver?

If you’ve used Motions on Colony before, the process of launching a Simple Decision will already be familiar to you. Simply navigate to the new Decisions tab on your colony, create a new Decision, and back it by staking native tokens, just as you would a Motion.

As new upgrades are deployed—such as the forthcoming Gnosis Safe Control feature—we’ll be providing regular updates to the community: in Discord, on Twitter, and streaming on Twitch.

Enter the Knowledge Realm

The Colony user docs are being restructured to guide users through the full process of starting or joining a DAO on Colony. The Knowledge Realm, set to launch in Q4, is where you can learn everything from the fundamentals of DAO building to advanced Colony features. As you level up your DAO-fu, you can put your knowledge to the test and earn NFT completion badges. Gotta mint 'em all!

More Colony events!

Did we see you at Devcon Bogotá? If not, you missed chess grandmasters, escape rooms, and some of the most innovative minds in organizational design at our booth. It’s always great to connect human faces with ENSs and we left as bullish as ever on the future of DAO building. We’ll see you at ETH Denver 2023!

Happy building through the New Year!

— Will and the Metacolony team


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