In 2017 we published the first version of the Colony Whitepaper. In it, we outlined our vision of "Organizations, for the Internet". That it is awesome is universally acknowledged.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said of our Dapp. There’s no point in being coy here: our Dapp suuuucked! It was about as pleasant a user experience as root canal surgery, and not as useful. Further, it barely made contact with the prodigious power of the Colony Network thrumming underneath.

It wasn’t the product we’d promised, and it left users confused and disappointed. There are some teachable moments in how things unfolded that way, but it’s a story for another day.

The important thing is this: we’re about to launch New Colony.

Which confusingly, is old Colony. Colony of the Whitepaper. Colony as advertised. Colony as it always should have been. And it is goooooood! 😎

Okay, so what exactly is Colony again?

Colony is the most powerful, practical, flexible, and easy to use DAO framework.

Everything an organization needs to operate on-chain. Payments, Teams, Authority, Governance, Fundraising, Revenue sharing, Arbitration, the ability to interact with any other smart contract on Ethereum, and a whole lot more.

In a healthy organization, voting should be rare. That's why Colony operates a more agile system of 'lazy consensus'. It means organizations spend their time productively, not endlessly voting.

Colony Core provides powerful primitives for finances, org structure, and authority. Extensions are plug-ins that build on those, shaping organizations according to their needs.

Colony makes DAOs easy. Unlike the complicated, clunky competition, Colony's application seamlessly integrates powerful DAO functionality into a polished, logical, and easy to use experience.

We see Colony as the core of a suite of tools a Decentralized Organization needs to manage its operations. For Colony, as a team, that suite of tools looks something like this:

So, if you need a DAO but the options you’ve tried are all just a little bit… meh, or you're interested in doing work for DAOs, you’ll want to stay tuned.

In the next blog post we’ll unveil the launch release features.

After that, the 2021 roadmap.

And then, finally, our plans for the long awaited Colony token sale.

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Colony makes it easy for people all over the world to build organisations together, online.

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