Rewarding Contributors like a Boss

A week ago, Colony soft-launched a new experimental feature that piqued the interest of curious community members: Colony Points. The newly implemented points system has been live and is running smoothly for about a week now. Now it's time to show you a uniquely simple way of incentivizing and rewarding the community’s very best memelords, DAOists, Coloneers, and everyone else rising up to the occasion.

Introducing: Colony Points

Colony is paving the way for the future of building DAOs. Built into the MetaColony is a reputation system designed to incentivize contributors. At the same time, Colony was confronted with the challenge of finding a way to easily reward community members in its official Discord server for their great efforts and to decentralize the process of awarding contributors. That’s where Colony Points come into play.

The Points Starter Kit

Colony Points in Discord are used by Colony as a tool to keep track of outstanding contributions from the community and to reward those that go the extra mile. Over time, this will lead to the establishment of a "points economy" within the Discord server in which members can reward other members for their outstanding work with Colony Points as well.

Sending points or checking your balance is really easy once you know how to do it. To help in getting started, we've prepared a guide that introduces to the Colony Points Bot that shows you how it is operated. We also like to give a big shout out to our crafty bot wizard Jeremie, a dedicated community member, who made it all happen with his advanced code magic.

Colony Points & CLNY

You can earn Colony Points by being helpful, adding value, and going the extra mile for your fellow Frens. During each epoch, Colony distributes points to active contributors within the community. At the end of an epoch, the distributed points may be exchanged for CLNY tokens at the sole discretion of Colony. The reward ratio and the duration of an epoch vary and are determined by a variety of “factors” (a.k.a Colony’s secret sauce). There is no guarantee that points will be exchanged for CLNY during each epoch.

Colony Points are an experimental feature that we are putting into the hands of the community and we are excited to see what will develop out of it. Play with Colony Points, explore how they can be useful, and find new use cases for this exciting new tool!