Colony founder Jack du Rose was recently invited to host the inaugural podcast from ENVELOP (NIFTSY) to discuss the future of DAOs and what it takes to go Zero to DAO in 90 seconds on Colony.

ENVELOP's cross-chain protocol allows users to program NFTs and make them smart by adding tokens, royalties and timelocks. Their crosschain solution allows anyone to tokenize any physical or digital object and trade them in their app. They offer three unique solutions to users, first a protocol allowing anyone to wrapp collateral, secondly an oracle to monitor NFT transactions and an index to monitor market activity.

Envelop is not only an exciting protocol, but also managed by a collection of DAOs. In the conversation, Jack discussed ways that DAOs can work without management, the main problems DAOs are facing now, alternatives for voting in DAOs, and the role of reputation in Colony.

Have a listen to the conversation below 👇