Open-sourcing the Colony Network

After many months of hard work and preparation, we’re proud to announce that the source code for the Colony Network contracts is now open-source!

This is the first of many steps we’re taking this year toward making Colony a fully open source platform built through open collaboration—from the dApp front-end interface all the way down to the network contracts.


We have chosen to licence the Colony Network contracts under GNU GPLv3 as it guarantees that all future derivations of the contracts will also be freely available on the same terms.

The code in the colonyNetwork repository is the most recent implementation of the Colony Whitepaper, and has been broken down into individual issues in the Github issue tracker.

The contracts as a whole are not quite ready for mainnet deployment, but we do feel they are ready to be released to the Ethereum developer community. If you’re an Ethereum/Solidity developer and want to help build the Colony Network, have a look at our contribution guidelines.

To get a sense of how the network will fit together, please read the relevant sections in the whitepaper — you can skim section 7 (“Calculating Reputation: Miners and Merkle Proofs”) as it only concerns the off-chain reputation mining client.

If you have questions or would like to discuss the code or whitepaper with us, join the discussion on the Colony Network Gitter Channel.

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